• Charge up at Home!

    Intelligent charging solutions for your home.

    Charge up at Home!

    Intelligent charging solutions for your home.

Easily charge at home

Electric vehicles are an important key for unlocking a more sustainable future. They are helping to drive a shift away from fossil fuels towards the use of eco-friendly electricity. Drive your electric car home, park and plug it in, and then quickly and conveniently charge it with power from the sun. This is an ideal daily routine, benefiting both you and the environment. MENNEKES offers you the right charging solution for every situation!




Whether you want to quickly and conveniently charge your vehicle at home with your own solar power, get the cost of electricity for your company car reimbursed, or install a key-protected wall-mount charger for your outdoor parking space, you can count on getting exactly the right charging solution for your personal living situation from MENNEKES.

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Quickly charge up at home and off you go!

Are you planning to switch to an electric car and looking for an appropriate charger? Check out our AMTRON® Compact 2.0 home charger! Its easy to install and use: just insert the plug to start charging. The future of electric transport starts at home!

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Quiet, clean and practical: this is how Ive always imagined the future of mobility. Its fantastic that I can already start enjoying it today.

Irene, 65, landlady


Einfaches Laden mit AMTRON® Compact von MENNEKES

Specially developed for easy, flexible home charging, the AMTRON® Compact 2.0 is an attractive, safe and highly functional solution, also for narrow garages, carports and driveways. The MENNEKES wall-mount charger excels with a top-notch design, high quality, long service life and outstanding value for money – in short, its an ideal entry-level model!


Temperature monitoring to prevent overheating, integrated DC fault current detection for added protection and a switched input for simple load management combine to make charging with the AMTRON® Compact 2.0 completely safe. The charger includes a permanently connected 7.5-metre-long cord with type 2 plug which is compatible with all new electric cars sold in Europe. All status information can be easily read at any time. If you own an electric car which can be charged with 22 kW, choose the AMTRON® Compact 2.0 version for that wattage.


Highlights at a glance


  A modern design and top quality

  Simply plug it in and start charging – no authorisation is required

  Compact and easy to use

  Safe operation with a long service life

  Permanently connected 7.5-metre type 2 cord

  Integrated cord management

  Easy-to-read LED display for status information

  Compatible with all new electric vehicles

  Maximum charging rate: 11 kW or 22 kW

  Switched input for simple load management or external authorisation


Youll find more information on the AMTRON® Compact 2.0 here.

Home charging made easy by a host of extra features

The MENNEKES AMTRON® Compact 2.0s combines state-of-the-art technology and the most stringent safety standards with ease of use and functionality which is precisely tailored to your home-charging needs – the ideal solution for getting started! Besides easy charging, this modern wall-mount device boasts additional functions which include protected access and support for connection to a rooftop solar panel system.



Its now easy for me to charge at home, and the additional functions are just right for my needs!

Tim, 36, homebuilder

What should you do if your charging solution is installed where others can easily access it? An integrated RFID card-operated lock lets you securely charge with your AMTRON® Compact 2.0s and restrict access by unauthorised persons.

Weve specifically developed our AMTRON® Compact 2.0s to support easy home charging and connection to a solar panel system. This lets you make full use of self-generated green electricity from your roof to charge your car – it couldnt get much eco-friendlier than that!

Thanks to its compact design, the AMTRON® Compact 2.0s is ideal for use on small parking spaces. Its easy to operate using a switch thats located right on the device. The 7.5-metre-long cord can be rolled up around the unit to save space. Bright LEDs clearly indicate the current operating mode. If your electric car has an integrated 22 kW charger, our 22 kW wall-mount charger is the ideal choice.


Highlights at a glance


  Modern design and superb quality

  Compact and easy to use

  Reliable operation and a long service life

  Easy to plug in your car and charge without authorisation

  Access restricted by an RFID card system

  Interface for home energy management systems

  Solar charging function

  Blackout protection

  Permanently attached, 7.5 . -metre type 2 charging cord

  Compatible with all newer electric vehicles

  Maximum charging rate of 11 or 22 kW

  Switched input for easy load management or external authorisation


Youll find more information on the AMTRON® Compact 2.0s here.

Be mobile with the power of the sun

The AMTRON® Professional E is the ideal accessory if you want to use electricity from your solar panels to charge your electric vehicle. Thanks to a web interface, you can use your smartphone or tablet to easily and very flexibly monitor charging operations, record statistics or flexibly specify how much power you want to charge during a given time period.

Eigenheimbesitzerin Paula 

If youre stepping up to an electric vehicle, go all the way!
I want to generate my own electricity and sustainably charge my electric car.

Paula, 42, homeowner


Solarladen mit AMTRON® Charge Control

The AMTRON® Professional E wall-mount charger can be intelligently linked to your solar panel system via a home energy management system. This lets you stay mobile for free by charging your vehicle with home-generated solar power. If you want to charge your electric car faster, its easy for you to supplement your solar power with mains electricity.

Take advantage of the AMTRON® Professional E wall-mount charging station, which ideally combines design with functionality and leaves no wish unmet in terms of ease of use, features and safety. The AMTRON® Professional E excels with comprehensive technical functions and a maximum charging rate of 22 kW. An integrated holder protects the cord from damage and facilitates handling.


Highlights at a glance


  Clearly organised solar charging functions with a straightforward user interface

  RFID card system with user assignments and control via a mobile device

  Exporting of statistics for manual billing of electricity used to charge company cars

  Type 2 charging socket or permanently connected type 2 charging cord (7.5 m long)

  Integration into a home energy management system via cable or LAN

  Display of the charged power and the corresponding costs  


Youll find more information on the AMTRON® Professional E here.

Safe, convenient charging for tenants

Are you living in a rented flat and looking for a way to charge your electric vehicle in your parking space? The AMTRON® Professional E is definitely the right choice! This charging solution protected by radio-frequency identification (RFID) cards is ideally tailored to your requirements. Multiple users can easily be assigned to the same wall-mount charger.  


I’m a tenant and would like to be able to conveniently charge at home. Protected access and precise power billing should be included.


Kathi, 29, freelance web designer


Zugangskontrolle mit AMTRON® Charge Control

Its easy for you as a tenant to charge at home and benefit from eco-friendly mobility. You can freely choose your electricity provider if the power is directly supplied to your flat. Its billed together with the other electricity you consume.

As a landlord, you can increase your propertys value and attractiveness by installing the MENNEKES AMTRON® Professional E charging station. When its connected to a rental unit, there are no extra fees for electricity used to charge vehicles.

You can use a laptop or smartphone to stay informed on all charging activities and see who is using which charging station when.


Highlights at a glance  


  RFID card system with user assignments and control via a mobile device

  Exporting of statistics for manual billing of electricity used to charge company cars

  Clearly organised solar charging functions via a user-friendly interface

  Control and user management using a laptop or smartphone

  Type 2 charging socket or permanently connected type 2 charging cord (7.5 metres long)

  Integration into a home energy management system via cable or LAN

  Display of the charged amount of electricity and corresponding costs

  Maximum charging rate of 22 kW


Youll find more information on the AMTRON® Professional E here.

Simply charge your company car at home

Do you drive an electric company car and would also like to be able to conveniently charge it at home? And should it be impossible for anyone else to charge their vehicle there? The AMTRON® Professional charging solution from MENNEKES makes it simple for you to transparently and securely pay for the electricity you consume. 

Dienstwagenfahrer Daniel


I travel a great deal, which makes it even more important for me to avoid emissions while getting the electricity I use to charge my company car reimbursed by my employer.

Daniel, 35, company car user


When charging a company car at home, the AMTRON® Professional+, used with a mobile device and an RFID card, is an excellent solution for getting the costs reimbursed.

The AMTRON® Professional+ wall-mount charger combines a high standard of safety, user-friendly operation, reimbursement of private charging costs, system monitoring and load management in a single solution. Its quick and easy for you to securely export statistical data on charging events and send them to your firms accounting department for reimbursement of your costs without any extra monthly fees.

If you want to use your charging station for a company car and get the costs reimbursed, your parking space must be exclusively at your disposal and no one else may charge their vehicle there. Authorisation with the RFID card system reliably prevents use by anyone else.


Highlights at a glance 


  Simple, free exporting of charging statistics and other data for manually billing electricity for company cars

  RFID cards for simple and secure authorisation

  User management via an easy-to-use interface (web interface)

  Multifunctional push button for testing and restarting integrated protective equipment from the outside

  Integrated power meter (readable from the outside)

  Integration into a home network via LAN

  Interface to home energy management system

  Clearly organised solar charging function controlled via a web interface or mobile device

  Includes a 7.5-metre charging cord and MENNEKES type 2 charging connector or MENNEKES type 2 socket

  Maximum charging rate: 22 kW


You can find more information on the AMTRON® Professional+ here.


Would you like to learn more? Get detailed product descriptions and all technical details of our forward-looking, easy-to-use charging devices for your home here: helpful additional information at a glance!

Advice, installation and service


Your tailored charging solution may only be assembled, installed and commissioned by a qualified professional. Contact an installer of your choice to make an appointment. As competent experts on charging solutions, they are intimately familiar with current safety standards and requirements.



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