• AMTRON® Professional+

    Intelligent charging at home

    AMTRON® Professional+

    Intelligent charging at home

Solar charging, company car billing, access check – all in one!


The AMTRON® Professional wall-mount charger is a genuine all-rounder with intelligent, future-proof technology. This solution is ideal for conveniently charging your electric car at home with power from your own photovoltaic system. This MENNEKES charger's functionality also lets you recharge your company car at home and get reimbursed by your employer. And that's not all! Its abilities also include networking and easy access control via an RFID card system.



I want to use self-generated solar power to charge my e-car and be even more sustainably electrically mobile.

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Intelligent networking in a smart home


Easily connect your wall-mount charger to your home energy management system using a cable. It even includes Modbus and EEBUS compatibility, making the system predestined for direct connection to a (home) energy management system within the scope of a smart home. As a result, you're well-prepared for all future challenges and can securely and intelligently charge up your e-car at home for many years to come.


Solar charging


Many people whose ideal is to lead an environmentally friendly, sustainable life while remaining mobile also want to charge their electric vehicles at home using renewable solar energy they have harvested themselves. The biggest advantage of solar charging: the power is generated efficiently without causing any harmful emissions. In combination with today's intelligently controlled solar panels, the MENNEKES AMTRON® Professional wall-mount charger lets you cost-effectively supply power to others and/or maximise your own use of it. In connection with a home energy management system and solar panels, the AMTRON® Professional delivers a charging solution that optimally suits your living situation.



Charging with protected access


The AMTRON® Professional charging station supports authentication by RFID card. This ensures that only authorised individuals can charge their e-cars. The principle is simple and very secure: a chip holds information that the charging station can read.


The AMTRON® Professional is therefore also ideally suited for parking spaces that aren't inside a private garage. If multiple electric-car drivers need to use the wall-mount charger, this is easily managed with RFID-based access control. The settings are easy to make and change from a laptop or smartphone via an integrated web interface. This way you also consistently receive detailed information on the unit's operating state and how much power is charged and consumed. Exported charging statistics also make invoicing simple and straightforward ideal for both landlords and tenants. You can also just as easily read the consumption data from the meter window.


Invoicing for company cars


Do you drive an electric company car and would also like to be able to charge it at home while conveniently being reimbursed by your employer without any risk? The solution: AMTRON® Professional.


Dienstwagenabrechnung mit MENNEKES


This wall-mount charger from MENNEKES lets you optimally meet all present and future requirements. In just a few simple steps, users of company cars can use a web interface to document home charging events and get them reimbursed by their employer, for example by submitting a travel expense report. 

A clearly organised, intuitive user interface


The settings of the AMTRON® Professional are easy to adjust from a laptop, tablet computer or smartphone via a web link. A user-friendly interface keeps you informed on all charging operations and lets you export statistics, take advantage of personalised solar charging functions and create and administer multiple users. In order for you to access the user interface, the AMTRON® Professional must be connected to the same home network as your mobile device.



Simply add a link to the web interface of the AMTRON® Professional as a shortcut on the home screen of your iOS or Android device.

In this way, you always have an overview of all charging events and can easily download and export them in the form of a report.

You always have an overview of how many RFID cards are tuned into the wallbox. You can monitor and define which users have access to the charging station.

In the menu, the loadmanagement function contains all of the settings you need for efficient, cost-saving solar charging in conjunction with compatible home energy management systems.

Technical information


The AMTRON® Professional excels with a comprehensive range of technical features and a maximum charging rate of 22 kW. An integrated cord holder facilitates use and keeps your parking space orderly. With the AMTRON® Professional, you benefit from a wall-mount charger that combines design with functionality and leaves no wish unmet in terms of ease of use, features and safety.


  Clearly organised solar charging functions (based on SEMP communication) via a user-friendly interface

  RFID card system with user assignments and control via a mobile device

  Exporting of charging statistics

  Charging at up to 22 kW

  Cable connection to a home energy management system via Modbus TCP, SEMP or E EBUS

  Includes a 7.5-metre charging cord and MENNEKES type 2 charging connector or MENNEKES type 2 socket

  Integrated cord holder for greater ease of use

  Colour: light grey