• AMTRON® Compact 2.0

    Charge quickly, easily and flexibly at home.

    AMTRON® Compact 2.0

    Charge quickly, easily and flexibly at home.

The future of driving is electric – get on board now!

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of electric mobility? Are you looking to get started with an easy-to-use, high-quality and safe home charging solution? Would you like to arrive home, park and plug in your electric car, and drive off again the next morning on a full charge? That's exactly what we've designed our AMTRON® Compact 2.0 home charger for!

The MENNEKES wallbox focuses on essential functions and couldn't be easier to use: just plug in and start charging whenever you like without having to enter a code first.



I usually charge my electric car at home, preferably overnight. So charging needs to be simple, flexible and secure.

Irene, 65, resident of Munich


The new home charger from MENNEKES.

Compact. Practical. Premium.

Our AMTRON® Compact 2.0 takes home charging to an entirely new level: simpler, more secure, and more reliable than ever! This wallbox is an attractive entry-level model, delivering great value for money, top quality and outstanding user-friendliness.

This advanced MENNEKES charging solution combines ease of use and a compact design with state-of-the-art electronics and the highest safety standards. The compact design of the AMTRON® Compact 2.0 allows it to be easily installed in small garages or carports or outdoors. It's extremely easy to operate, with all of the controls right on the device.


Outstanding user-friendliness

Compatible with all new electric vehicle models, the MENNEKES AMTRON® Compact 2.0 features user-friendly controls. The 7.5-metre cable is easy to coil up and securely hang right on the charger. A large LED display that's readable from several metres away indicates the operating mode and charging status.

This mode 3 wallbox with integrated onboard charger and 22 kW of output lets you get your electric car up to speed even faster and more easily!

Technical information

Charge your electric car quickly, easily and flexibly at home. Featuring the latest technology, the AMTRON® Compact 2.0 is precisely tailored to your home charging needs: plug in the cable, tank up and drive off!

Do you have a rooftop solar system and would like to charge your vehicle with your own eco-friendly power or need to prevent unauthorised use of your wallbox? We also have the answer for this: our AMTRON® Compact 2.0s!


  Charging power of up to 11 or 22 kW

  Thanks to IP54 ingress protection, the charger can also be installed outdoors .

  Compatible with all new e-vehicles

  7.5 m charging cable with type 2 plug

  Low standby power consumption (approx. 1 W) in sleep mode

  Integrated fault current detection

  Easy-to-read status LEDs

  Integrated cable storage for convenient everyday use

  Simply plug in and start charging without entering a code

  Colour: silver


NOTE: The configuration cable (art. 18625) is required for some advanced settings. For details, see AMTRON® Compact 2.0(s) operating instructions.

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The AMTRON® Compact 2.0 wallbox may only be assembled, installed and commissioned by a licensed professional. Contact an installer of your choice to make an appointment. As a competent expert in charging solutions, he or she is familiar with the current safety standards and requirements.


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