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My Power Connection at Light+Building

MENNEKES presenting innovative solutions for the future

Innovation on an area of 690 square meters – MENNEKES will be presenting its high-performance solutions for industrial plugs and eMobility at Light+Building in Frankfurt, Germany, from March 8 to 13, 2020. In line with the motto, “My Power Connection: Innovative. Smart. Reliable.” the family-owned company will be showcasing its new products in Hall 12.1, Booth B90/91. From intelligent eMobility billing and payment services to the latest generation of industrial plugs – MENNEKES will present its comprehensive range of tailor-made solutions for every target group at the largest trade show exhibition in the history of the company.

2020 – the next stage of electric mobility

The outlook for electric mobility is bright overall. MENNEKES will highlight some interesting solutions it has developed at Light+Building.

The new AMEDIO charging column and the new AMTRON® Professional+ Wallbox charging station meet the most advanced standards in the field of electric mobility and are recommended for establishing a charging infrastructure that is ready for the future. Both new charging solutions meet high safety requirements while offering clear and straightforward system monitoring and a modern, dynamic load management system. Both products come equipped with built-in modems so that operation with a professional backend software system like 'chargecloud', for example, is possible. Operating companies use such a system to monitor, control and process billing and payment transactions for the charged electricity. MENNEKES leaves the decision to the operating company of whether to manage billing and payment transactions on its own or entrust MENNEKES with this task.

As a provider of solutions, the eMobility pioneer is also offering a billing and payment service via a three-tier sales system with MENNEKES ativo. This way, the subject of eMobility becomes a business model for companies, hotels, restaurants, parking lot operators and landlords. There is more information on MENNEKES ativo billing and payment services available to visitors of the Light+Building – from the viewpoint of both the business operator and the customer charging the electric vehicle. MENNEKES has already negotiated agreements with the major providers of electricity for electric vehicles in Europe, including Maingau, EnBw, Plugsurfing and Newmotion in order to facilitate access to charging points and to make the billing and payment transaction as easy as possible. Electric vehicle drivers can locate the MENNEKES charging points via the apps offered by the above-mentioned providers.

MENNEKES has also developed a further new solution for charging electric vehicles at home with the compact AMTRON® Wallbox charging station. In this product a compact variation of the high-quality AMTRON® design is combined with a focus on functionality. It is ready for the future thanks to being compatible with virtually all electric vehicles and it is ideally suited to private use with up to 11 kW of charging power. This makes the Wallbox charging station a solution that is ready for the future and a high-quality product “Made in Germany” that is suitable for the garage of a single-family home as well as the underground carpark of a city apartment building.

With these new solutions and the proven platform, MENNEKES again demonstrates that its range of services and capabilities has been expanded to help further accelerate progress and support the transition in mobility.

New generation of industrial plugs: The PowerTOP® Xtra family continues to grow

The extension to the PowerTOP® Xtra family will debut at the Light+Building. PowerTOP® Xtra plugs and sockets for 63 amps and 125 amps have been on the market for many years. The 16-amp and 32-amp variants have joined the PowerTOP® Xtra family in 2019.

Befitting of the occasion of Light+Building 2020, the PowerTOP® Xtra family continues to grow. Apart from 16-amp, 3-pin-and-sleeve devices and 5-pin-and-sleeve devices for 16 amps and 32 amps for all voltages, the product family will also include the PowerTOP® Xtra R variant come March 2020. With nickel-plated pins and highly heat-resistant contact carriers, PowerTOP® Xtra R has been designed to meet the requirements of extremely demanding application areas. All new devices meet the requirements for the IP 54 protection class, meaning they are both splashproof and dustproof. MENNEKES is taking a giant step towards rounding out the PowerTOP® Xtra family with the new product variants to make it a product family suited to every application area.

Receptacle combinations: the right solution for every concern


The topic of receptacle combinations is at the forefront of the trade show exhibition. For ceilings, walls or floors – MENNEKES offers a suitable receptacle combination for every application. The diverse product range extends from wall-mounted or suspendable receptacle combinations to freestanding combinations and mobile distributors. Solutions relevant to the transmission of data and the delimitation of third-party quantities according to the Renewable Energy Sources Act in Germany will be shown at Light+Building. MENNEKES will also present its vision of the future at the exhibition booth: an exclusive study of what a world of smart industrial plugs could look like, including mobile distributors that could be located via GPS and smart wall-mounted sockets. 

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AMEDIO Professional+

AMEDIO Professional+

PowerTOP® Xtra

PowerTOP® Xtra