MENNEKES makes recharging even easier through digitalisation

MENNEKES introduces next generation wall chargers

More and more electric cars are on the road with a noticeable variety in the number of models. The increasing proportion of new vehicle registrations that are electric clearly shows that things are moving ahead nicely.

And so it is only logical that MENNEKES adds to its product portfolio of intelligent charging solutions. The AMTRON Professional+ and AMTRON Professional+ PnC wall boxes, introduced in May 2019, are smart chargers equipped with the extensive AMTRON features and now also with an integrated modem. This eliminates the need for an additional external modem / gateway.

Furthermore, the AMTRON Professional+ PnC can be enabled to give you a more convenient access to electricity without the need for charging card or App. Plugging in at any Plug&Charge enabled MENNEKES charging station, the compatible vehicle is automatically recognised and authorised for recharging without the need for any further intervention by the EV driver. Just plug in and go as the rest happens in the background!

AMTRON Professional+ and AMTRON Professional+ PnC are primarily aimed at customers who require professionally operable intelligent backend networked chargers, and the ability to offer additional smart functionalities such as "Plug & Charge" in the future.

All the AMTRON advantages are included

The practical cable management, the pleasingly simple user guidance and the tough plastic housing are just some of the striking features of one of the most successful wall boxes on the market. The integrated DC fault current detection rounds off this package. Both Type 2 socket and tethered charging cable versions are available. Charging up to 22 kW is supported. The user is guided by multi-coloured LED indicators.

In addition to automated authorisation in the PnC variant, authorisation via RFID card or backend (e.g. App) is also possible. Both versions of the AMTRON wall box are equipped with a MID certified energy meter as standard.


Download: Press Release AMTRON® Professional.pdf
Download: Image AMTRON® Professional+

AMTRON® Professional+ with permanently connected charging cable