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AMTRON® Compact - the new MENNEKES charging solution for your home

A compact design, easy handling and compatibility with all new vehicles characterise this wall charger.

Whether in a garage, under a carport or in a rented parking space - the domestic charging of an electric car must always be done on a safe charging point. MENNEKES - the pioneer of electric mobility - has developed the AMTRON® Compact charging box exactly for this purpose.

AMTRON® Compact, specially developed for domestic use, is the latest member of the premium AMTRON® range.

AMTRON® Compact combines the high-quality AMTRON® design in a smaller form with a focus on function. Compatible with all upcoming electric vehicles, its 11kW charging power is ideal for private use.

The wall charger is a future-proof "Made in Germany“ solution for private home and apartment parking garages.

Easy charging


Die kompakte Bauform macht die Wallbox selbst für enge Garagensituationen zum idealen Ladepunkt. Das fest angeschlossene und fünf Meter lange Kabel mit Typ2-Stecker bietet nicht nur Handlingvorteile, sondern sorgt auch dafür, dass nahezu alle neuen in Europa verfügbaren Elektrofahrzeuge geladen werden können – einfach einstecken und laden. Eine Autorisierung ist nicht erforderlich. Um dem breiten Spektrum an Fahrzeugen und Stromnetzen gerecht zu werden, kann AMTRON® Compact Ladeleistungen von 3,7 kW (einphasig) bis zu 11 kW (dreiphasig) bedienen. Sämtliche Statusinformationen sind jederzeit leicht ablesbar.

Einfach sicher

The compact design makes this wall box the ideal charging point particularly for tight garage situations. The tethered five-metre long cable with type 2 plug not only offers convenient handling, but also ensures that almost all new electric vehicles available in Europe can be charged - simply plug in and charge. No authorisation is required. AMTRON® Compact offers 3.7 kW (single-phase) up to 11 kW (three-phase) charging rates in order to meet the requirements of the broad spectrum of vehicles and power grids. Status indicators keep you informed at all times.

Simply safe

Every home and underground car park situation is different. Electrical appliances must therefore meet the highest safety standards. AMTRON® Compact is designed for safe operation and a long service life. This starts with the IP54 housing protection rating, which ensures that the home charger can also be installed outdoors. The temperature is measured within the housing to protect from overheating. The standby power consumption of the wall charger is particularly low (approx. 1W). The safety features are rounded off with an integrated DC fault current detection for personal safety as well as simple load management as additional protection for the home electrical installation. 


Simply electric

With this new Wall charger from MENNEKES, nothing will stand in the way of an electric vehicle lifestyle. AMTRON® Compact is an attractive, safe and convenient solution for private parking spots, garages and carports. The high vehicle compatibility in combination with a charging capacity of up to 11kW makes this home charger a future-proof charging solution for private users. 

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The new MENNEKES charging solution for your home