• Charge up your Business!

    Intelligent charging solutions for commerce and industry

    Charge up your Business!

    Intelligent charging solutions for commerce and industry

Easily charge anywhere

Electromobility is picking up speed, and the future belongs to environmentally responsible driving. Our intelligent charging solutions optimally prepare you for what will come. In addition to comprehensive advice and personalised service, we offer you top-quality products for professional charging. When you choose a MENNEKES charging station, you opt for efficient, intelligent and high-performing infrastructure that will benefit you, your staff and your customers.


Target groups


Have you decided to pave the way for your business to a sustainable, more professional future? Have you decided to create your own charging infrastructure? Is your goal to replace your company cars or entire motor pool with electric models? Do you want to enable your customers and staff to conveniently charge their electric vehicles on the company premises? If so, welcome to the future of electromobility with MENNEKES charging stations! We offer you ideal charging solutions to meet the needs and expectations of firms, fleet operators, hotels, shops, restaurants and large-scale landlords.



Shops and

Transition your firm to electric mobility

Effective sustainability concepts and intelligent, clean electromobility are growing in importance also for firms. Charging stations from MENNEKES optimally position you for the future of electromobility. Give your business a crucial competitive edge, score points by cultivating a green image and help to sustainably protect the environment, all at the same time. 



In my mind, practising sustainability in my company is only natural. Thats why weve converted our carpool to electric cars.

Gerald, 52, entrepreneur


More and more companies are switching to electric cars. Increasingly, guests and staff are also driving onto company car parks in electric vehicles. All of these drivers depend on finding somewhere to charge. By installing its own charging infrastructure from MENNEKES, your firm can inexpensively and conveniently move up to eco-friendly mobility.


MENNEKES products are designed so you can start small: without networking and management. If your electric fleet then grows, we offer you charging stations with intelligent technologies, for example for load management. These systems intelligently control and distribute electricity consumption. Take advantage of our know-how and launch your firm into zero-emissions mobility with electric vehicles!

Weigh anchor for an electric future: smooth sailing for your fleet 

Install your own charging infrastructure for your vehicle fleet! Set a precedent in your industry by advancing zero-emissions driving – charge your electric vehicles intelligently while slashing costs. To help you successfully migrate to electromobility, MENNEKES offers you complete tailored charging solutions backed by plenty of know-how for meeting your firms unique requirements. 


Switch an entire fleet to electric? Not a problem with MENNEKES. We ' ve been driving more cheaply and quietly without producing any emissions for a year now.

Gerald, 52, entrepreneur with a fleet of company vehicles


Electromobility pays, especially for frequent travellers. Thats why more and more firms with their own carpools are switching to vehicles with alternative drives. The reasons are obvious: its a step towards sustainability, the future, and greater cost-effectiveness. A firms charging infrastructure can be used for its own cars and those of staff and guests.


New mobility approaches pose new challenges, especially when migrating an entire fleet to electric. When many electric vehicles charge at the same time, the mains connection may run up against its limit. This is where the MENNEKES load management system comes into play. This intelligent system interlinks the charging stations and manages them by adjusting the charging speed or by charging vehicles sequentially instead of all at the same time. 

Invite prospective customers to take advantage of your chargers

Mobility is in flux. More and more people are now driving electric cars and searching for simpler, more convenient ways to charge them. Get your shop or restaurant ready for these guests by adding charging infrastructure - and enhance your attractiveness by letting them charge their vehicles as an additional service.


Weve made it really easy for our guests: park, unlock the service with a card, and then charge their car while dining. This has won us many new customers. Bravo for the excellent service!

 Anette, 36, restaurant manager



Many people would like to be able to combine enjoyable and practical activities, like conveniently and quickly charging their electric vehicle on-site or in an underground car park while shopping or visiting a restaurant. And when they find such a special service, you can count on them to spread the word! Make a " green statement " by adding real value and helping your guests drive sustainably and emission-free.

Besides your customers, you naturally also benefit from having your own charging infrastructure. You ' re perceived as a forward-looking, environmentally aware host. By letting guests charge their parked vehicles, you extend your offering. Our charging solutions let you start small and ramp up as the demand increases. MENNEKES offers you a comprehensive tailored charging approach, including everything from advice and planning to commissioning.

Both you and your tenants can benefit from MENNEKES charging solutions!

Nowadays tenants have high expectations of a rented flat or house, including an easy-to-use charging facility for their electric car at a parking space or in an underground car park. MENNEKES charging solutions let tenants conveniently charge their vehicles at home. This is an opportunity for you to offer a genuine value add, lock in long-term rental relationships and optimally equip your property to meet all requirements going forward.


Now it’s very easy for my tenants to charge at home, which also makes my property more valuable. The electricity billing procedure is straightforward and user-friendly.

Alison, 49, large property owner


Residential complexes with their own charging facilities are becoming increasingly attractive to tenants. Many older blocks of flats and large residential complexes can also be retrofitted with networked charging infrastructure. When many tenants charge at the same time, the MENNEKES load management system ensures that everything works reliably by efficiently distributing the available electricity. This avoids costly spikes in energy consumption, which are billed at higher rates.

Flexible solutions from MENNEKES make charging and billing extremely easy and convenient for both landlords and tenants. To prevent unauthorised charging, access to chargers can be intelligently managed without a key, using an app or RFID card. This way, landlords and building administrators can reliably monitor who uses how much power and when, thus providing a legally secure basis for billing. The costs can also be billed together with a rental units service charges or as a flat rate, depending on what suits you and your tenants needs best. Its up to you.

Hotels with MENNEKES charging stations: sustainable energy 

These days we ' re already travelling in environmentally responsible ways, whether its for work or while on holiday, and this trend is set to continue. By installing MENNEKES charging solutions for your hotel, you make an image-enhancing commitment to innovation and eco-friendliness. You enable your guests to drive without emissions today, thus scoring points and gaining a clear competitive edge!


Drivers of electric cars now choose hotels based more than anything on whether they offer charging possibilities. Its good that we realised this so quickly!

Steve, 43, hotel operator

Many hotels boast stars, comfortable rooms, good food and spa facilities. But for a growing number of guests whether theyre travelling for business or pleasure sustainability is now the number one criterion for choosing accommodation. This includes offering guests a convenient way to charge their electric vehicles. Those travelling in an e-car are always on the lookout for a quick and easy way to charge it. Ideally, overnight.

Benefit from our experience and complete tailored electromobility solutions. If you run a hotel and are committed to sustainability, you can set yourself head and shoulders above the competition by installing your own charging infrastructure from MENNEKES. Youll be helping the environment, following the trend and providing a crucial extra bit of service quality that really makes a difference.


From the word go, we make it easy for you to install a semi-public charging infrastructure thats just right for your situation. For example, wouldnt you like to have safe, modern charging stations in your company or customer car park? Our diverse portfolio of products includes intelligent and flexible charging solutions that let you meet all of the requirements for fully fledged electromobility. 


AMTRON® Professional+

Our AMTRON® Professional wall-mount chargers are ideally suited for meeting requirements in (semi-)public areas such as your firms car park or a customer car park.

AMEDIO Professional+

AMEDIO® Professional+

Our AMEDIO® Professional+ charging stations are cost-optimised solutions which primarily target entrepreneurs and business owners, feature the latest technology and are designed for an extra-long service life.

Load management


Electric vehicles need a lot of electricity. To enable you to effectively deal with this energy consumption, MENNEKES professional load management systems ensure reliable, secure operation of your charging infrastructure. If your firms power supply isnt large enough to simultaneously run all of your charging systems at full load, you can ensure safe operation and avoid expensive peaks in consumption by appropriately regulating the flow.

Our video shows you exactly how load management works and how you can benefit from it. Take a look!


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Solutions from a single source


Once youve selected one of our charging solutions, an installer of your choice supports you in taking the next steps. The installer advises you and helps you purchase, install and commission your MENNEKES charging solution. 



I enjoy working with my customers and helping them choose the right charging solutions for their needs.

Christian, 43, master electrician 

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