• AMTRON® Compact 2.0s

    Easy charging with lots of extras.

    AMTRON® Compact 2.0s

    Easy charging with lots of extras.

Taking easy charging to the next level


Are you looking for a way to flexibly, easily and reliably charge your new electric vehicle at home without needing to enter a code? While also being able to protect your wallbox from tampering and unauthori sed access and putting your home-generated solar energy to good use? Do you appreciate premium quality and a long product life combined with user-friendly operation and excellent value for money? If all of the above applies, we have the right solution for you! The AMTRON® Compact 2.0s: the MENNEKES home charger for getting started with e-mobility!

Make your dream of a sustainable e-mobility lifestyle come true in every way! The AMTRON® Compact 2.0s combines state-of-the-art technology with a set of easy-to-use functions that precisely match your needs and expectations. Our wallbox lets you charge your electric car at home in a single step, for example overnight while you sleep. So you can start the next day charged up and full of power! 



If I had known how easy and convenient it is to charge my electric car with the MENNEKES wallbox, I would have installed one a long time ago!

Tim, 36, homebuilder in Germany's Sauerland region


Compact. Practical. Premium.

User-friendly and suitable for everyday use


The AMTRON® Compact 2.0s is ideal for installing in small garages or narrow parking spaces, thanks to its highly functional, space-saving design. An ergonomic design and easy-to-read indicator LEDs facilitate everyday use. The unit is also designed to let you conveniently coil the 7.5-metre cable around it. A 22 kW version with mode 3 charging makes it even faster and easier to get electric cars with 22 kW onboard chargers ready to go.

Solar charging made easy

By installing your own wallbox at home, you can use more of the power generated by your photovoltaic system while making a valuable contribution to eco-friendly mobility. It enables fast, intelligent charging and saves you from having to drive to an EV charging station every time.

Would you too like to start enjoying e-mobility powered by the sun? The AMTRON® Compact 2.0s makes it possible! We developed this wallbox not just for convenient home charging, but also for connection to a photovoltaic system. As a result, you can optimally utilise energy harvested on your roof and fill up with "green" power. It would be hard to get much eco-friendlier than that! It's simple to operate right on the unit.


Protected access with an RFID card system


Based on the latest proven technology, the new AMTRON® Compact 2.0s delivers outstanding safety and a long service life. To prevent unauthorised persons from using your wallbox, it's equipped with an RFID card reader. The integrated protection it provides allows you to securely charge at home in a carport or in a freely accessible outdoor parking space while restricting access to the wallbox. Yet another benefit: the RFID cards are included with the wallbox.

Integration in a home energy management system

The AMTRON® Compact 2.0s can be easily integrated into existing building energy management systems. You benefit by identifying potential savings, using energy as cost-effectively as possible, and maximising your consumption of self-generated electricity.




Technical information


The AMTRON® Compact 2.0s charging station excels with future-proof technology, versatility and a maximum charging rate of 22 kW. This wallbox combines an outstanding design with powerful functionality and leaves no wish unmet in terms of features and security.


  Charging power of up to 11 or 22 kW

  Thanks to IP 54 IP54 ingress protection, the charger can also be installed outdoors .

  Compatible with all new e-vehicles

  7.5 m charging cable with type 2 plug

  Low standby power consumption (approx. 1 W) in sleep mode

  Integrated fault current detection

  Easy-to-read status LEDs

  Integrated cable storage for convenient everyday use

  Simply plug in and start charging without entering a code

  Includes a solar charging function 

  Interface for home energy management systems

  RFID card system for protected access

  Blackout protection

  Colour: silver


NOTE: The configuration cable (art. 18625) is required for some advanced settings. For details, see AMTRON® Compact 2.0(s) operating instructions.


Are you also interested in simpler solutions that focus on convenient, quick and flexible charging? Check out our AMTRON® Compact 2.0 series, which is sure to include the right wallbox model for your needs.

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Have you decided to go with the AMTRON® 2.0s? Great choice! You can purchase your new wallbox from selected retailers. The next step is to contact a qualified electrician or service provider near you for professional advice, installation and commissioning. They are familiar with the current safety standards and requirements for charging solutions.


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